Who Are The Men In Black (MIB)?

I loved the movie Men In Black (MIB) starring Will Smith. I thought it was an exciting concept that there was a secret organization that managed aliens. A government law organization that treated aliens like immigrants and kept their existence a secret. In the movie, Americans were kept in the dark so they could keep their sanity.

I watched Monsters and Mysteries tonight on the Travel channel. The episode I tuned in on was about the mysterious ‘Men In Black.’ In this episode, MIB threatened, coerced, and did everything short of murder. That’s a scary concept. Unknown men dressed in black suits, hats, and dark glasses appear and threaten your life. Watch the episode, it is fascinating and very informative.

According to, the ‘so-called’ mythology of the MIB, as they call it, can be traced back to one incident. June 27, 1947, when Harold Dahl was on a conservative mission. He was on a boat on the Puget Sound with his son and their pet dog.

Dahl was gathering logs near the eastern shore of Maury Island. The island is in Washington State, and they saw something weird. He saw six donut-shaped unidentified objects hovering above his boat. Then suddenly, one of those objects just dropped out of the sky. It fell over 1500 feet, breaking up into debris. A piece of that debris hit his son, Charles, on the arm.

Unfortunately, debris fell on their family pet, who didn’t survive that night. Dahl kept his head and managed to take pictures of the event. He later shared them with his boss. Fred Crisman. Crisman, being rooted firmly into the physical world, didn’t believe him. However, he did go with Dahl back to the site. Shocked, Crisman saw the wreckage of the unidentified object. 

The very next day?

A man dressed precisely like “K” in the movie visited Dahl at his home. He talked about Dahl joining him at a diner, where he then recounted the events of the night. The mysterious Man In Black knew the details of what happened even though he wasn’t there. The mysterious man told Dahl not to talk to anyone about what happened. The man threatened Dahl if he should speak about the events. 

The US government did an investigation and determined it was a hoax. Dahl and Crimson later admitted it was a hoax, but the conspiracy theory grew with UFO enthusiasts. 

Is it a hoax?

I’m not convinced. In 1966 Woodrow Derenberger was driving home. He was on route 77 when a brilliant light dropped in front of him on the road. Derenberger then states that a humanoid creature exited the spacecraft and introduced himself as “Ingrid Cold.” 

Cold questioned Derenberger about world events and political happenings. Cold told him they would meet with him again, and his daughter states they did. 

However, an article by The Guardian is about a documentary titled Mirage Men. Supposedly, the government posing as MIB gave UFO enthusiasts fake information. They fabricated the entire UFO folklore – they wanted people to believe in aliens. 

At least, that is what the documentary is trying to get watchers to believe. There is one former Air Force special investigations officer named Richard Doty. Doty has infiltrated numerous UFO circles telling them he was with the government. They then told them lies and half-truths, hoping the UFO enthusiasts would take that information and run. In exchange for the information the Mirage men provided? Doty would hear the neighborhood’s gossip. That would tell Doty and his men if the community knew about any advanced technology the Air Force was testing. 

If true, this would be the biggest scam the military has pulled on local citizens. 

Except, June 24, 1947, an Idaho Pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine metallic objects near Washington State’s Cascade range. An Air Force investigation states Arnold saw a mirage. The same mirage witnesses reported seeing in Portland, Oregon. Again in Vancouver, Washington, and eventually in Boise, Idaho.

A few days later, on July 5, 1947, The Air Force reports that a weather balloon crashed. It crashed on J.B. Foster’s ranch some 30 miles outside Roswell, New Mexico. Let’s take a moment and review the dates here.

On June 24, 1947, Arnold saw nine metallic objects near the crest of the Cascade range. June 27, 1947, Dahl had that incident with a ship crashing and debris hitting his son. Then between June 27, 1947, and July 5, 1947, you have a sighting in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and Boise, Idaho. With a weather balloon crashing in New Mexico on or about July 5, 1947. Supposedly, William Brazel, foreman for the J.B. Foster Ranch, saw the debris but thought nothing of it. 

Yet, according to newspaper articles, Dahl and Crimson came forth and said it was a hoax. The mirage men fed people information that was a combination of lies and half-truths to UFO enthusiasts. They wanted to control what people believed if the documentary is correct.

If the documentary is accurate, the government went through an elaborate plan to spread misinformation. Two weeks and five states, if all of the sightings are related. If not, then Dahl and Crimson’s sightings weren’t hoaxes. Too many other people reported seeing lights in the skies.

So, are the mirage men passing misleading information to control what the public knows? Or are they giving false information to keep what the public learns to a minimum?

Either way, the government, and the mysterious MIB have the same plan. That is to keep the American people in the dark about anything related to UFOs. 

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