Horror Night

I watched a few horror movies this week that I hadn’t seen yet. My new year’s resolution – well one of them is to watch horror movies. Whether I have heard of the director or any of the actors. Especially Independent movies. I found doing this I have actually found a few jewels like Apartment 212.

If nothing else, watch Apartment 212, it is a refreshing plot played against the standard back story. An abused woman leaves her abuser to make a fresh start. Except her husband still stalks her as she struggles to find the strength to stay free. Her next door neighbor cries all night every night until one night she blows her brains out.

Our protagonist, Jennifer was trying to work her courage up to visit said victim when the suicide happens. Grieving for the poor lady, she takes an unusual gift box from the lady’s home with her as a memorial to to the memory of the suicide victim.

Soon after, Jennifer wakes up with bites sores. Something comes out at night while she is sleeping peacefully and eats a piece of her. The not knowing and lack of sleep is slowly driving Jennifer over the edge. At first it seems like Jennifer is going to give up and become a victim. Then slowly gaining momentum Jennifer finally gets angry and fights back. That is when the movie picks up and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you get the chance, watch Apartment 212, you will be glad you did.

I watched the digitally remake of Phantasm – that movie scared me back when I was kid. I watched it again to see if it still scared me and it did. Not as much when I was younger, but it is still a very creepy and eerie movie with a wild twist of an ending.

The story starts like many others. One day in a small quiet town, the residents begin dying under very unusual circumstances. Our young hero Mike is suspicious of the town’s mortician who isn’t what he seems. What follows is a pretty good paced story filled with monsters, allusions, and surprises that will keep your eyes glued to the television. Afterwards, you might not want to turn all the lights off, fearful of what might come calling in the middle of the night.

The original film came out in 1979, but hasn’t lost any of the scary creepy feeling that scared me when I was kid. Yes, there are parts in the movie that is reminiscent of that period of film making where the victims make stupid decisions. You as the viewer are saying “Are you out of your frigging mind?” I know I have yelled at the tv a few times myself. Those moments are few and far between and don’t distract too much from the mood of the movie. Give it a try – you will see what I mean.

The last movie I watched was Host which I wasn’t sure about, because I am not into seance’s especially done using Zoom. In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I watched the movie. I am glad I did. The story is about friends during the COVID lockdown deciding to have a Seance through zoom.

Granted a few of the friends don’t believe in the supernatural, but to humor their host, Hailey – they do it. Hailey has a friend who does seances for a living and will be their guide through the process. She guides everyone to empty their thoughts and think about someone that they were close too. Then invite that person to join the circle. At first nothing seems to happen, then small things like the candles being blown out by something unseen,

The activity slowly escalates which tells the friends that the spirit is malevolent. It was Emma’s friend they summoned, so they interrogate her. Wanting to know who this friend is and why he was so angry. Unfortunately, they learn that Emma didn’t really have a friend that she summoned.

She lied which terrifies the guide. She informs them that since there was no friend, when they opened the doorway to the other side? They opened a door that anything could come through. She tries to tell them how to close the door, when her feed went blank.

I wasn’t sure how this would have been filmed, but the director, Rob Savage did an amazing job making it not only believable, but creepy as hell. The friends are stuck on zoom and can only watch in horror as this ‘thing’ takes turns terrorizing them.

Do these friends survive this night? Well you will just have to watch to see :))

I would watch these movies from worse to best. All three movies are great, but Phantasm is the worse of the three. Next is Host with the best movie of the three being Apartment 212.

Enjoy, but you might want to keep the lights on when you watch them.

2 thoughts on “Horror Night

  1. I definitely want to check out apartment 212. I had to sit through Phantasm one night, and I found it to be so boring. And it sounds like Host is paving the way for an inevitable pandemic horror genre. Great reviews!

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