America’s Cryptids from A to Z

I have been writing weekly articles about each states cryptids for Coffee House Writers (CHW). Then I joined Horror Authors Guild (HAG) became a guest speaker on one of their podcasts. It was fun. I had a blast talking with people who were interested in the same things as me.

The moderator Cat mentioned that I should think about writing a book about cryptids. I sort of said, yeah I should and thanked her. Yet, the idea kind of pinged around inside my head making me think. Would this idea be worth following?

I have this lovely lady Lo who is my editor at CHW and I mentioned to Lo what Cat suggested about writing a book. Well Lo jumped on it and thought it was a great idea. Then my sister, Tracy came up with the title which I am using for the title of this post.

It amazed me how this idea sort of took on a life of its own. So, I am compiling all my articles I have written about cryptids into a book. I just submitted the article for Kentucky, and I’m currently researching Louisiana. I’m nervous. It is a great idea to put together a book, but then what? Who do I take the manuscript too? Is it better to try standard publishing or is it better to do self-publishing?

If I choose to go traditional publishing, which publishers would be interested in a book about Cryptids?

Then there is my usual doubts. Will anyone read the book? I spend all these hours writing and compiling my work into a book. Then what if no one reads it? I think that is every writer’s fear. Putting all the emotions and time into a book only to have no one read it.

I have been posting the idea in twitter under #wip to check the temperature of my fellow writers. A few of them seem to like the idea. Is it presumptuous to start advertising my work-in-progress before it is even published? I mean what if something happens and I don’t get it published. Then I have spent all this time advertising for a book that isn’t even coming out.

Yet, if I do keep advertising, I hopefully will have a reading base for when I do publish the book. This thought process could give me a headache.

I love cryptids and the more I research the topic, the more fascinated I get about the mysterious creatures that share this big world with us. This book isn’t going to be about just the scientific facts, it will include the history of the cryptids and mythology. I’m not looking to disprove their existence, but more to explain their existence.

Do I believe all these cryptids are real? No, but that doesn’t make their stories that less fascinating to hear. I believe everyone knows there is something else out there in the dark. Something else that watches us from afar. There have been too many stories and reports about Bigfoot, the Mothman, and Demon Dogs to simply ignore.

Whether they be cryptids or supernatural beings, understanding who and what they are would make sharing our world with them a little less scary.

So, I guess in the long run – I should finish the book about America’s Cryptids and worry about the publishing aspect when I’m done.

I am currently working on Louisiana, so about thirty-three more states to go if I don’t get side-tracked. I write four a month which will be about 8 more months to go before I’m done.

Yeah, plenty of time to worry about self-publishing versus standard publishing. Whether or not anyone would read the book once published. I need to not think about any of that and just concentrate on writing the book.

What do you think? I would love any comments or advise about this book. Do you think a book about America’s Cryptids would be interesting to read?

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