Illinois Werewolf

We have all heard stories about the Devil Dogs with their red glowing eyes. Aggressive black dogs sent by the devil himself to do his dark deeds. I loved reading the stories about such animals. I even wrote a short story titled Devil’s Highway about the devil and his black dogs.

I wrote an article titled Illinois Werewolf. Illinois has had sightings of wolves, that are larger than the average wolf. DNA suggests that the Gray Wolf is making its home in Illinois.

The interesting thing though is that Illinois has reported sightings of a Werewolf. Not devil dogs, which I find highly fascinating. When you hear werewolf you think Stephen King’s Silver Bullet or The Howling. Maybe even the classic American Werewolf In London. The thing is, that you associate the werewolf with movies. It doesn’t seem real.

I discovered this great TV series titled Paranormal Caught On Camera and there was an episode about werewolves. This couple traveled to North Carolina for vacation and was looking for a camp ground to park their trailer. Hearing a noise the husband stopped and got out of the truck with his weapon to check it out. He also carried a flashlight. The area was eerie with mist floating in the marsh lands they had stopped next too. Scanning the area with his flashlight, the narrator lit up a wolf-like creature standing on his hind legs upright.

He described it as at least 8-feet tall with glowing yellow eyes and it growled at him. Not taking chances, the man fired his weapon at it, but it had no visible effect on the monster. To make the situation even worse? It turned out the wolfman wasn’t alone.

The creepy wolf brought his entire family it seems. The man decided retreat was the better part of valor and as quickly as possible got back into his truck. Then beat a hasty departure away from whatever was hiding in the marshes.

In another episode a family is terrorized by a wolf-like creature while living in their mobile home. The couple heard strange noises from the heavily wooded area around their home. They saw red glowing eyes staring at them from out of the woods at night. Their young son was frightened to death when he saw the eyes staring in at him in his bedroom.

The final straw was during a night when the wife was alone with her son. She was scared to be alone so she called a friend. That night the creature with the red glowing eyes physically attacked the mobile home. Hitting the side of the house, scratching at the windows, shaking the home and snarling at them though the windows. As soon as the sun rose the next morning they packed up their things and left their home. The really strange thing is that they are not the only family to leave like that. It seems other families had been terrorized by this creature too. However, no body was talking about it, because the other families were afraid to admit what the saw.

So, wolf-like creatures are not uncommon, but Illinois especially has been reporting sightings of wolf-like monsters. A gentleman in central Illinois was awakened by his pet whom he thoughted wanted to be let out to pee. So, he got up and walked to the back door but paused. He said he got this strange feeling so he turned the light on outside. There was wolf/dog creature standing on two legs staring at him with red glowing eyes. Worse the monster was staring back at him and according to the witness standing at least 8-feet tall.

I’m not sure what I would have done if that was me having a staring contest with a wolfman. The wolf apparently bored ended the staring and ran off into the corn field.

If you think that was scary? There is the Dogman of Hawk Hollow Preserve, Illinois. A couple was driving home from their parents house. They had driven that route many times before to home and they never encountered anything strange or unusual. Until that night when a dog man like creature ran in front of their car scaring them half to death.

Another witness ran into a similar creature driving past Chestnut Mountain. She too said a wolf-like creature on two legs ran in front of her car. She said it stared at her and her husband through the window for a few seconds before it loped away.

Now to add to this intriguing story? The lead singer for Smashing Pumpkins, William Patrick Corgan, experienced something strange and unusual. Corgan told Howard Stern that he saw a human transform into something else.

When pressed, all Corgan would say was that he was with someone else and that person changed into something else. He wouldn’t give any more details then that.

What Corgan described fits the description of what Navajos call the Skinwalker. Native American cultures often speak of evil men that change into animals whenever they want. Is this what is in Illinois? Does Illinois have a Skinwalker that is terrorizing their communities? Or is it just the run-of-a-mill werewolf. I’m not sure which idea would be more fascinating, but there is a wolfman like creature running loose.

So, if you are ever in Illinois, keep an eye out for the Illinois Werewolf.

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