Horror Movie Binge

I did a horror movie binge this weekend. I hadn’t watched horror movies in a while, even though they are my favorite genre. I thought I wouldn’t do anything except watch horror films—my COVID vacation from reality. I was only to watch movies I haven’t seen and by Independent producers.

Taking the time to watch my beloved horror movies is fun. I had forgotten how much I love a good scary movie. I’m not into gore and slasher movies. I love well-written scary films.

The first movie I watched was The Witches House. The premise was a bunch of teenagers celebrates Halloween at a haunted house. Except, something in that house doesn’t want the teens there. In fact, the entity did want something from them. She wanted their lives.

You would think she wanted their deaths, but the spirit of the Witch trapped in that house wanted to escape. She needed the energy of the teens to escape the house. The story is a little on the blood and guts, but good. It even had a surprise ending. 

I love movies like that. Where there is an ending, you weren’t expecting. To me, that is the best kind of horror movie.

The second movie I watched was ELI and boy was that a fantastic movie. You never see the real ending coming at you. 

It’s about a little boy, Eli, who is allergic to life. Eli has an autoimmune disease and cannot live outside a bubble. His desperate parents found a doctor who says she can cure Eli. It takes every cent they have to take Eli to this asylum. 

Yet, not everything is what it seems. The treatment is a three-part treatment. A therapy that appears to be making him sicker, not curing him and ELI sees things. The spirits of other children seem to him, and they want to hurt him. Or do they?

Eli meets a young girl named Haley, who meets him outside the Garden shed. As Eli’s only friend, she tells him of the rumors she’s heard from patients before Eli. The story becomes ominous and forbidding. It is so subtle, and the viewer doesn’t know if Eli sees ghosts? Or if it is all in his imagination. There are elements of the supernatural so subtle you miss them. You don’t recognize the clues at first, and then the ending smacks you over the head.

You will never guess the ending, and it is a doozy. Eli was a must-watch movie when the lights dimmed low. Especially at night with the lights turned off. 

The last movie on my binge is RattlesnakeRattlesnake is a creepy movie that has elements of the supernatural woven into the story. You get clues that something isn’t right from the beginning. 

The movie starts typically enough. A single mother, Katrina Ridgewood, is starting over with her 4-year-old daughter, Clara. They’ve loaded up the car with all of their possessions. Katrina is driving from Phoenix to Oklahoma, where they will begin anew.

Outside Tulla, Texas, on the desert highway, Katrina gets a flat tire. Little Clara, who is naturally curious, wanders away from Mom. Throwing rocks in the desert, but Katrina is uncomfortable and calls the little girl back to her. 

This is when it gets interesting. You see the road and desert Katrina breaks down on. There is nothing in the area as far as one can see. Then the little girl gets bit by a Rattle Snake, and suddenly there is a mobile home. A mobile home that appeared out of nowhere with a woman who can cure Clara. 

There is a price to pay. The price is Katrina has to kill someone. A soul for a soul she is told, or Clara will die. 

It is a great story. It shows the bond between that exists between mother and daughter. The extraordinary lengths a mother will go to keep her child alive. 

I loved all three movies, but Rattlesnake is the best of the three. If you watch no other film? Watch Rattlesnake. This film is worth watching.

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