Legend of the Wampus Cat

Cats, especially black cats, occupy a considerable part of superstitious lore. Familiars of witches, these feline messengers follow their master’s bidding. Delivering curses on unsuspecting victims, or spying on them for their masters.

In ancient history, cats were representatives of the Egyptian Goddess Bast. They guarded the temples and acted as escorts to the spirit world when people died.

These feline beauties are surrounded in the mists of paranormal and supernatural energy. Connecting with spirits to deliver their master’s will, like Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Black Cat. In the tale, the antagonist murders his wife, walling the body up. He looks for her cat to murder as well, but the elusive pet is nowhere to be seen. 

The wife’s disappearance causes some concern with her family, and they report her missing. The police show up at the house and interrogate our murderer. At first, it seems the husband will get away with it, but this unearthly howl comes from behind the wall. The police think the poor critter was emprisoned needing help. Tearing the wall down, they discover the wife’s body—the missing pet on her head. The black cat was howling in rage at the husband.

I loved that story, and I love cats. Stories and legends abound on cats, both large and small. Their unwavering stare sends shivers of fear up the spine of any person. What do they see when they stare at us like that? 

This week’s article was between the Skunk Ape and the Wampus Cat. I am not interested in Bigfoot because it is a cryptid well researched. It was the Wampus Cat hands down, except this special kitty doesn’t just belong to Georgia. The Wampus Cat travels up and down the Appalachian Mountains. Mountains that travel through 14 states, giving our kitty lots of space to hide.

The Appalachian Mountains are shrouded in mists and legends. People who have lived in those mountains tell of strange howls and screeches echoing through the night. 

The Muscogee Tribe tells of the legend of the Wampus Cat living in the mountains. The legend goes that a young maiden followed her husband to a meeting of warriors. She was curious about what happened at these meetings, but no women were allowed. That didn’t stop our heroine, but she got too close, and the men discovered her. 

The medicine man punished her by transforming the cougar skin she was wearing into her permanent skin. She was now half cougar and half-human. Shes screams her anger at the night, wandering the Appalacian mountains for eternity. 

Pretty cool story, huh? Except this legend is hundreds of years old. There have been sightings of a strange cat-like creature with glowing eyes. Witnesses report seeing this Wampus Cat today, which is a long time for our maiden to live.  

The interesting question about Cryptids is, are they real? The Appalachian mountains are still mostly unexplored. Anything can be in those dense forests. As man encroaches on these virgin territories, it brings us closer to whatever inhabits those woods.

It is only a matter of time before our two worlds collide. Then again, Bigfoot has tantalized our imaginations for years as well. Bits and pieces of evidence combined with videos tease us about their existence. Yet, we are still not convinced it is real.

Is the Wampus Cat real? If we can believe in Bigfoot and UFO’s, then we can believe in the Wampus Cat. I do.

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