Mothman Legend

I just finished an article about the Chicago Mothman. Which is both fascinating and exciting news. Up to this point, Mothman stories and sightings have been reported from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. West Virginia’s reputation grew because of all of the sightings. In fact, the town even built a Mothman statue in their town center.

Then sighting began of this notorious creature from all places O’Hare airport in Chicago. Not just one or two, but countless reports emanating from the last few years. A sixteen-year USPS veteran claims to have seen the Mothman leaving work. What she described matches the descriptions of sighting reported out of West Virginia.

Is there a new Mothman, or is it like many other creatures being forced out of its inhabitant? You would think that it wouldn’t move to a crowded industrialized area like an airport. It has also been sighted at parks in Rosemont, Illinois. Rosemont is a suburb of Chicago. It could be hunting for a safe haven and flies over O’Hare to get there.

In Rosemont, this poor guy was attending a wedding. He stepped outside to smoke when he heard this screech. Looking up, he saw this huge man-like creature flying overhead. Needless to say, the poor man was in shock. Three other people saw the flying beastie, and they all described the same thing.

There has been so much information collected and written about the elusive Mothman. In paranormal investigations, reports of the Mothman haunting people are pervasive. One couple says the Mothman follows them from home to home. These stories and others have made paranormal investigators believe the Mothman is paranormal.

The cryptozoologists have dismissed the Mothman as a cryptid. They are claiming the creature is paranormal rather than physical. A spirit that takes the shape of a bat-like animal. It haunts its mortal victims.

Now with Mothman sightings heading west, the Chicago Mothman raises more questions than it answers.

The reports of this Chicago Mothman does that make it a cryptid again? Or is this Mothman paranormal too, and why so many people see it. If it is a spirit or ghost – it is being visited by a lot of different people. Where does it go to recoup its depleted strength? I mean, is there a Mothman hotel where they all camp out until dusk falls?

All the sightings have been at night, so it sounds like it needs its beauty sleep.

If you combine the West Virginia sightings and Chicago’s sightings? It is beginning to sound more like it is a cryptid rather than paranormal.

So what about these paranormal reports? First, the stories start off hearing sounds. They don’t see the physical Mothman at first. The creature destroys their house, leave footprints, and follows them. Then when it does eventually appear, they describe it as a bat-like creature with red glowing eyes.

The paranormal descriptions also fit descriptions of demon-like creatures. In the metaphysical world, demons are not the biblical creatures reported. They are creatures that have never been human. Myths and Legends abound about nature critters. Critters that had existed long before man even walked the earth.

The creature haunting these people may be a nature critter and not the Mothman.

Sightings of the Mothman in Illinois is definitely intriguing. It will be interesting to note where future sightings pop up.

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