Haunting Time

Well, October is here, and with it comes Halloween. Halloween is the time of ghosts, spirits, and goblins. It is time for scary stories and haunted locations.

With that in mind, I started a weekly series titled ‘Haunted America.’ I am writing a weekly series for Coffee House Writers titled ‘America’s Cryptids.’ I write an article about each state’s cryptid, and I thought that idea would work for Haunted America.

I found a great website Channillo were I could write my Haunted America series. My first episode is Alabama’s Sloss Furnace, and boy, does it have a history for being haunted.

The furnace makes Iron, and it provided the steel and Iron needed to build cities. Sloss helped to build New York and all those shiny skyscrapers. Sloss also helped build the ships and tanks required for world war I and world war II.

It finally closed its doors in 1971, but not before the deaths of many workers. The end of foreman ‘Slagg’ Wormwood supposedly started haunting. No one knew for sure if he died by accident or his workers helped him along.

Wormwood is not known for being a kind boss. He forced his people to work in temperatures above 120 degrees. He didn’t give them time off, not even on holidays. These lowly workers were primarily immigrants, so they couldn’t complain to anyone about their

These workers were overworked, underfed, and forced to sleep in cramped quarters.

This furnace has been investigated numerous times by different investigative teams. All of those teams found evidence to support the fact that the Sloss furnace is a hotbed for activity. It is curious, though, whether it is Wormwood that is haunting the site or his workers. 

It is a well know fact that Sloss’s workers hate Wormwood. It might have been the workers that killed him instead of his death being an accident. Yet, many of the reports from witnesses do state they have heard and seen Wormwood’s spirit. It was Worwood that physically assaulted them and even threw a couple of investigators down the stairs.

Incredibly, one man on his own can cause so much energy. There is so much paranormal energy at Sloss that every investigation has captured evidence. If it is just Wormwood, that is a lot of energy. No wonder it is a favorite among investigators.

Then again, some of the evidence does point at other spiritual energy there as well. Wormwood isn’t alone. People died at Sloss, both from accidents and the unbearable working conditions. I doubt any of them harbor warm feelings towards Wormwood when alive. Even less, now that they are dead and Wormwood was the cause of their death.

There are theories that negative energy can sink into a building. The building can act as a battery and charge spirits with energy. The re-energized house could explain why Sloss is so active with paranormal activity.

Although Wormwood is an angry dark person himself, he could be all alone in that furnace.

Either way, Sloss furnace makes a fascinating Halloween tale and a great first episode for My Haunted America series.

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