Horror Movie Weekend

I’ve been working on doing things a little differently. Broaden my horizons, so to speak. Reading more independent horror novels and watch off mainstream horror movies. 

So last night was my horror movie night. I had been busy learning a new job position and verifying submissions. I haven’t had a chance to watch any horror movies.

I chose The Dust Walker as my first movie. It is a 2019 movie set in Western Australia. The story is a little uneven and slow to start, but I loved the clues. 

In a lot of movies, there is a brief introduction and then immediately into the action. The Dust Walker stayed slow and steady with little hints here and there. The plot is that an alien space ship crashed to earth, unleashing a strange contagion.

It turns everyday people into mindless killers. There are hints to tell you that something is controlling these people. The story concept needs development in the plot. That was the only bad thing about the movie.

These little ideas were introduced and then not developed. They left you hanging. Like why were the infected citizens only interested in the children? Why these people attacked some, but not others. Just little things like that. 

I enjoyed the story concept, but the plot scenes need developing if the viewer is to follow easily.

My second selection was The Midnight Man, and this movie I loved. It was a little on the gory side with the blood, but the plot was creepy as hell.

It was centering around these kids who play a game that summons this mysterious Midnight Man. The Midnight Man is a creepy urban legend who comes when called. He learns your worst fear and uses it against you to win the game.

The Midnight Man is a sore loser as well. He bends or even changes the rules in his favor. The game’s object is summoning him by Midnight (hence the name) and stay alive until 3:33 am. 

It’s a macabre version of hide-n-seek, only you die in this game. The dark thriller is suspenseful with enough scares to keep you on edge. Scenes make you wonder if the events are real or a dream. The Midnight Man himself is spooky as hell.

This one I am going to watch again; it was that good.

My last movie of the night caught my attention with its Slenderman similarities. The Tall Man is a great sleeper movie. I’m surprised it didn’t do better in the box office. 

It isn’t as scary as The Midnight Man, but it had a great story. It centers in the small town of Cold Rock, Washington. The tale is every parent’s worst nightmare—the disappearance of their child.

Jessica Biel portrays a nurse whose son, David, is the latest victim to disappear. The town is a small mining town that is close-knit and closed-mouthed. They prefer dealing with troubles internally. 

Although Biel’s character Mrs. Denning is loved, she is an outsider. She tries her best to help them, but they are afraid of a mysterious Tall Man. That is the urban legend stealing their children.

It has a significant surprise ending. I won’t ruin that for you, but it’s mind-blowing. It kind of makes you think about other children’s disappearances.

I would rank the movies I watched this weekend at:

  1. The Midnight Man
  2. The Tall Man
  3. The Dust Walker

Seriously, all three are worth watching. The storylines are unique and different.

I would save The Midnight Man for last and watch with all the lights off. 

You don’t scare easily, right?

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