The Power of Fear

Last week I posted a blog about fear of the unknown, which is pretty potent. I wrote an article on Arizona’s Skinwalker that made me think of the power of fear. 

The Navajo is an ancient tribe, yet they are afraid to say the Skinwalker’s name aloud. That is the power of fear. 

I remember when the movie The Exorcist came out in 1973. It was a scary movie and touched a lot of people’s nerves. I was sitting in the theatre when it got to the most intense moment in the film. The doors suddenly blew open, and I jumped a mile high. 

Worse, others screamed, and a few people even passed out from fear. It was just a movie, but it scared people badly. 

The Slenderman, which started as a prank, grabbed Millenials’ imaginations. They transformed a joke into an urban legend. They were so afraid of The Slenderman that fear made it real. 

The power of fear created an urban legend. Now, I watched the movie and read the creepypasta about it. I don’t understand what about the story made an entire generation go nuts. Yet, they did.

Now, the Skinwalker is a little different. It is a Witch that kills a member of their family to gain the power of shifting. Then they can change to any animal, gaining that animal’s strength and power. 

That is scary. Imagine a family member who wanted to kill you to gain power. Also, the Skinwalker can steal your mind and control your thoughts and actions. If true, that can be scary too. The thing is, is the legend of the Skinwalker true?

The Navajo believes it is, to the point that no one will say its name out loud. To say the Skinwalker’s name out loud is to gain its attention, which is not advisable. 

Such is the power of fear that Skinwalkers cause. It made me wonder if the power of fear is the same as the fear of the unknown. Everything written about Skinwalkers is speculation since no one will talk about them. 

Their powers are supposition because, again, no one will talk about them. The Slenderman wasn’t even real. It was just a character an internet guy made up. Yet, based on his description and made up bio of the creature scared the death out people.

Said that if you called its name, it would appear and take you. It caused young people to hallucinate and see things that weren’t real. The Slenderman drove Teens crazy before disappearing forever. 

They feared the Slenderman, but it didn’t stop two girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 2014, two 12-year-old girls stabbed a friend 19 times. They told the arresting officers it was to prove the Slenderman was real. They thought if they didn’t give the Slenderman a victim, he would kill their families.

Then there is The Exorcist. A scary movie that scared people that they fainted when the doors blew open in the theater. I know a few that refuse to watch it because the content frightens them.

I wonder if fear is real or a memory? There is the thought that humans share a ‘collective’ memory. Not, the real event, but the emotions and feelings behind that event.

That the fear of the unknown or the fear of what lurks in the dark is a memory. A collective memory passed on to us by our ancestors. A collective memory to protect us from doing crazy things. The other thought is our ancestors, not understanding how their world work feared anything unusual. 

That fear of the unknown is passed down the generations to us today. The power of fear is a close cousin to the fear of the unknown. Our powerful emotions can create monsters out of our imaginations and breathe life into them. 

We are giving them life before turning them loose in our once safe world. We only have to look at the events happening today.

That is fear wreaking havoc. Fear of the unknown and the power of fear working together. Combining forces and bringing our worst imaginings to life. 

Such is the power of fear and it is very real.

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