Stories Matter

I almost forgot my creed. No matter what, keep writing! I’ve had a rough month so far. I received three rejections, which never does any writer’s self- esteem any good.

Then to make things even worse, no one it seems is reading my work. I am currently writing for Coffee House Writers. They are an excellent platform for writers.

A writer receives well-needed writing tips on grammar, punctuation, and editing. You can follow your article’s progress and see how many views it receives. This metric gives you an idea of how well it is doing.

I’m averaging a little over 200+ views, which isn’t bad, but I was hoping to get better results.

Combining the low view counts with the three rejections? I seriously doubted my ability as a writer. I was contemplating just quitting. Stop writing permanently and do something else, like playing ‘Witch Bubble,’ for the rest of my life.

I mean, I am a late bloomer. I graduated with an MA in creative writing in January 2019. I didn’t start writing until the last couple of years, in my 60’s. I just wanted to write stories.

I wanted to write stories about subjects I found fascinating. I wanted to write about topics like ancient history, paranormal, horror, and urban legends.

Weave facts about those subjects into a story that would entertain and maybe scare the reader a little. I had this glimmer of wanting to be like the ancient Celtic bards. Those days, everything was oral, written history didn’t exist.

I wanted to write stories and legends that were once told orally and entertain people. My hero was Taliesin, who is the best of all Celtic bards. That was my goal.

Except, the reality is never as good as the dream. Indeed, it isn’t in my situation—three steps forward and two steps back.

I have had only two short stories published. One non-paying and the other I received $7. The other short stories I’ve received rejections. There was nothing in those rejections to tell me if my writing was terrible, or if the story wasn’t what they wanted for the anthology.

Knowing the editors are busy people, I don’t expect a page detailing the pros and cons of my work. It would be nice to get a sentence or two saying something like, “your writing is great, but the story isn’t what we want in this anthology.”

That kind of rejection I can handle because I know publishers can’t print every story written. Getting that type of response, however, tells me it isn’t me as a writer and that makes all the difference to my fragile ego.

The three rejects this month with everything else in my writing world threw me in a funk. I seriously considered quitting writing, and then I got a message from an editor on the Coffee House Writer’s platform.

She edited this week’s article I submitted and replied, “It was a pleasure reading your work this week! Your writing is excellent. I loved this write up, and I want to read more by you.” She even told me, I just became one of her new favorite authors.

I got tears in my eyes and a massive lump in my throat. Talk about timing. When I was at the lowest point in my writing career – I received these lovely words. This editor made me feel so much better about myself and my writing.

It bolstered my failing confidence in myself and, once more, believe in my writing. Those beautiful words also reiterate my credo – never stop writing!

My stories do matter.

2 thoughts on “Stories Matter

  1. I have no doubt you will find your rhythm… I know you can write wonderfully .. And spin some great stories …Can’t wait … Your favorite season comming up .. It will boost your reader’s attention ..


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