Cryptids & Monsters

I love myths and legends, especially weird ones. Every state has its urban legend, and I thought it would be cool to read about them. I live in Arizona, and I know there are at least four here. I thought it would be interesting to write about each state’s cryptids or urban legends.

I started with Alabama first and was surprised that there are four urban myths for that state alone. Then I researched Alaska for this week’s article. I discovered ten cryptids and urban legends for this state.

The more I research and study each state’s monsters, the more I learn. I learned that some of the monsters in one state are similar if not identical to monsters in another.

There have been reports on Bigfoot and Sasquatch from Washington State, Oregon, and even Arizona. What is surprising is that there is a Bigfoot report from Alabama. It is called the Alabama ‘White Thang’ and no it isn’t mis-spelled either.

I expected Creepy ghosts, or maybe even a La Llorona type figure, but not Bigfoot. Not just any Bigfoot, but a white Bigfoot. Sound familiar?

The Yeti is known for its white hair, just like the Alabama White Thang. It kind of makes you think about these creatures: the origins and the relationships between these urban myths.

Puerto Rico has an urban legend about the Chupacabra. A monster that looks like a cross between a dog and a coyote, and it loves blood. The Chupacabra is first reported in 1995 when Cattle carcasses showed up with puncture wounds in their body. The blood completely drained from their bodies.

The Chupacabra has since migrated to Texas with multiple reports from ranchers about animals killed. Their blood wholly drained. Is it the same monster first seen in Puerto Rico?

No, as the first reported sighting of the blood-sucker in Texas was in the mid-1970’s. Texas had mutilated corpses drained of its blood before the reports in Puerto Rico.

It makes you think. Is the Puerto Rican creature the same as Texas, or is it two different ones. Even worse, are the two creatures related?

Very creepy when you think about how maybe this thing migrated from Puerto Rico to Texas. Or maybe the Chupacabra inhabits that whole area.

There has been speculation that maybe these cattle mutilations were caused by UFOs. Others speculate there is a more scientific reason for the mutilations. The locations of these bodies are known to have large bat populations.

Speculation is that Vampire bats could have caused the mutilations and extreme blood loss. There’s been no evidence to support that bats did the mutilations. Yet, something did kill the livestock and something did drink their blood.

One could think these stories are just that stories. Except there have been too many reports from multiple locations. It’s challenging to discount these reports when there have been so many.

Plus, ranchers are down to earth people. People not prone to believe in UFO’s and strange monsters.

These reports make you think. Re-evaluate the world we live in and makes you question what is real. There is so much about the world we don’t know. What shares the darkness with us and what walks on the same planet as us.

With humans over-populating the earth and expanding outwards, it is only a matter of time before we run into what is hidden. I believe a majority of these cryptids are living away from humans. Then we come along and expand into their territory.

These critters have no choice but to interact with humans. That interaction isn’t always friendly and can be explosive. I’m wondering if that isn’t the reason we see more cryptid reports.

With dwindling barriers between these so-called monsters and humans, wonder what else we will find in the night.

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