American Horror Story

I love reading about urban myths and legends and writing stories about them, as well. I was writing an article about the urban legend Slenderman and doing research. I started by watching the movie Slenderman that came out in 2018.

After the movie, I scanned what else was on Hulu and came across American Horror Story. A TV series about different Freaky stories. The first season consists of thirteen episodes of the same story but split into thirteen different episodes.

I watched the first episode primarily to see what the series was about. It grabbed me, and now I’m hooked. The first season is basically about a haunted house. A haunted house that is worse than any haunted house you can imagine.

This Victorian house was built in the 1920s, and each generation of owners die. They usually died violently and when they did, they become spirits and haunt the house. The wife shoots the husband in the head and then shoots herself. The cycle continues with the next set of owners, and with each ensuing episode.

Until Vivian and Ben move in with their daughter Violet. This couple is different. Instead of devolving into the criminals that past owners did, they evolved. Maturing as characters and determining what is really going on which angers the house occupants. The spirits of the past owners are trying to drive Vivian crazy.

The series is much like something Stephen King would write in one of his novels. King would take ordinary, sane people and dump them into an otherwordly situation. Then he sits back and watches how they work to get themselves out of the unusual situation.

I think that’s what makes this series so fascinating is that its ordinary people dealing with strange stuff. The different owners of this Victorian house purchased it with high expectations in mind. Usually, the thought was to start over.

The couples were leaving behind a lousy life and moved to their new house to start anew. If you think about it, instead of solving the underlying issue, these couples moved to escape them. 

Constance Langdon’s son Tate is a psychotic killer, and she knew it he was troubled. Instead of getting Tate help, she ignored it, and Tate was killed by police. He shot up his school. Constance also caught her husband having an affair with the housekeeper. Constance shot her husband and housekeeper in the house.

So, each new episode is a continuation of the last episode, and it is also a separate story on its own. So, watching one episode of American Horror Story is like watching two. One from the past and one from the present. 

It was a little challenging to follow at first with flashes from the past and present merging together. It’s giving me a lot of great ideas for stories to write. Watching these episodes, I do a lot of ‘what ifs.’ Writing ideas percolating in my mind and all from watching an intriguing TV series.

It is true what they say, great ideas do come from unusual places and sources.

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