Just Keep Writing

My third entry and things are looking good so far. I’ve been accepted back into this fabulous group – The Coffee House Writers. The Coffee House Writers platform promotes and guides aspiring writers helping them to achieve their writing goals. A great group of fellow writers, and I can’t wait to work with them again.

My sister, Claudia, sent me a link for The Witches Box. The online site is a magickal witches store, and they advertised they were looking for a monthly columnist. This position would be the ideal job for me as I’m Celtic Wiccan, and I love to write. I applied, but I won’t hear anything until after the nineteenth when the job advertisement closes, so wish me luck.

I finished my sister Rayna’s story, and I’m hoping to have that story as my first story being back with the Coffee House writers. If accepted, the story will be published on the 22nd of July. I was really please with how the story came out.

My sister, Claudia’s story Bastet came out well too. I’ve written numerous stories, and I agonize over how good the story is. Then I tend to rewrite them over and over again, not entirely happy with the story. Until my latest two short stories, Bastet and Till Death do us part. When I read the endings to both these stories, I got goosebumps and thought, “Damn, this is good.”

Now I can’t wait to finish my sister, Susan’s story. I have a good start on it in my head. I mean, I know what the plot is, but the stories always sound fantastic in my head, then I try to put it on paper, and it’s agony. Why can’t I write the words I see in my head on paper exactly how I see them? In my head? I’m a fantastic writer, but I can’t find the right words when I put my ideas on paper.

So, I’m my own worst enemy. I am always re-writing and editing the same stories repeatedly to the point I never get them published. I’ve been lucky that I have a very supportive family that thinks I’m a good writer, so they are great for my ego and give me the strength to keep writing even with all the rejections.

I had to have my sister-in-law Debbi edit Rayna’s story because Rayna is my editor, and this was her story. I didn’t want to ask her to edit her own story, and Debbi volunteered. It is sweet that she did that, and it reminds me again of how fortunate I am to have such great support. Not a lot of other writers have support, not even from their own family.

Rayna doesn’t do horror because it’s scary, and that’s the genre I write, but she still volunteered to be my editor. My sister Tammy and my niece Kira both repost my newest work singing my praises. My dad has my two anthologies, even though he too doesn’t like horror, but he’s proud of me.

I can’t help but succeed with such love and support behind me, and I think that is the key. To find a group of people that believe in you and support you through thick and thin. If there were one piece of advice, I would give and hope aspiring writers listen too? It is to find a support group – a group of writers in the same genre you write.

Become active in that group and learn from them and exchange ideas and storylines. They will give you the help you need to become a better writer, and they will provide you with that push or shove you need to believe in yourself as a writer on this journey of writing self-discovery. 

Remember, no matter what – Just Keep Writing!

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