The Journey Begins

Being a writer has been an ongoing learning journey for me. I had thought that once I decided to be a writer, it would be smooth sailing afterward. Nope!

I’m a writer now what? What kind of writer did I want to be? That was easy – I wanted to be a horror writer. My heroes were Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Edgar Allen Poe. Except that my writing isn’t strictly horror. It seems my writing has more of a speculative fiction aspect I wasn’t expecting.

The stories I write usually contain personal experiences and characters based on people I know through my own life. I forgot my own life experiences are unique in itself. Which isn’t bad – it just meant I had to rethink the genre I was claiming. Then there was the agony of dealing with rejection after rejection and being consumed with doubts. Maybe I’m not a good writer, after all.

Maybe I’m wasting my time spending money and effort into a career that I’m not qualified to be doing. Then I think of my greatest hero, Edgar Allen Poe. The man’s writings are now classics and taught as examples of excellent horror writing. Yet, he died penniless, because his work wasn’t famous during the time he wrote it.

I don’t expect to ever be at his level of writing, but Poe serves as a reminder that just because my work isn’t published doesn’t mean I am a lousy writer.
It means I just haven’t found the right home for it yet. The best thing I can do for myself while looking is to keep writing. Keep polishing and keep learning from other writers.

So, welcome to my journey, and I look forward to meeting you other travelers on the way.

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